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Titanium Aura on Amethyst Cluster

Titanium Aura on Amethyst Cluster

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"Stone of Astral Travel" and also known as Titanium Aura Quartz, Flame Aura, and Dark Rainbow Aura.


Opens all chakras, stimulating a steep inner awareness, may enhance clairvoyance, boost vitality, clear energetic blockages, and offer an awakening of creativity. 


Aura Quartz is created by infusing a vaporized form of precious metals with a vacuum. The aura treatment becomes a bonded part of the original crystal itself as opposed to simply adhering to it. This special process allows the energy of the crystal and the energy of the metals to create an unusual and effective vibration. 


Chakra: Third Eye, Root

Zodiac: ALL


Approximately 3"-4" diameter 



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