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Satin Spar "Selenite" Tumbles

Satin Spar "Selenite" Tumbles

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-Psychic Abilities-Balance-Prosperity-High Vibration-


Satin Spar is very often mislabed as Selenite but comes from the same family of Gypsum and they have the same chemical composition. 


This crystal is a self cleanser, cleanser and charger to other stones near it. It brings luck and good fortune. Helps with mental clarity and stabalizes and balances emotions. It opens the connection to the spirit realm and awakens and strenghtens telepathic abilites. 


Main locations: Morocco, UK, USA


Chakra: Crown

Zodiac: Taurus

Planet: Moon

Element: Air 


Mini .5"

Small 1"

Large 1.5"

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