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Chakra Energy Pillar Candles

Chakra Energy Pillar Candles

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Chakra candles can help cleanse and balance your energy centers and foster wellness in body, mind, and spirit. It's essential that you understand the use of each candle and what specific aspect and issues it covers. It's also important that you identify your needs and which of your chakras needs healing and balance. 


Before meditation and lighting your candle it's most important to set and visualize your intentions. 


*Red Candles (Root Chakra): Stability, personal power, vitality, energy, physical health.


*Orange Candles (Sacral Chakra): Fertility, creativity, letting go of the past love.


*Yellow Candles (Solar Plexus): Positive engery, self confidence, protection, uplifting.


*Green and Pink Candles (Heart Chakra): Healing, forgiveness, transformation, love, compassion.


*Blue Candles (Throat Chakra): Self-expression, communication, balance, drive positivity


*Indigo Candles (Third Eye Chakra): Clarity, inner wisdom, intuition, abundance


*Purple Candles (Crown Chakra): Consciousness, spiritual wisdom, happiness. 



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