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Potluck & Full Hunter's Moon Fire Ceremony

We are loving the response to our monthly potlucks on the full moon so much, that we are going to continue with them every month weather permitting. Everyone is to bring a dish of your choice to pass and your own drink. Water, paper products and utensils are provided. No alcohol please. As always, be prepared to write something that you want to let go of on a spirit stick and put in the fire to release it with intentions of what you would like in return. You may bring something to place on the altar while you're here and take with you when you go (ex. your crystals). Instruments are welcome. Come and enjoy the company and food. It's a lot of fun. The store will be open until 6 and reopen at 8:30pm. Mark will have a little craft project for any children attending. Any questions, call or text Marion 434-710-1516

Sunday October 13, 2019 from 6-9 pm

A little nugget of knowledge: Most of our monthly full Moon names come from Native American and early American folklore, and were originally used to mark the progression of the seasons. Interestingly, the Full Hunter’s Moon is one of only two full Moon names that is not tied to a specific month. Instead, the Hunter’s Moon relates directly to the Harvest Moon. The first full Moon to occur after the Harvest Moon (which is the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox) takes on the mantle of “Hunter’s Moon,” which means that the Full Hunter’s Moon may occur in either October or November, depending on when the Harvest Moon is! Some folks believe that this full Moon was called the Full Hunter’s Moon because it signaled the time to go hunting in preparation for winter.

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