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Date changed to the 30th due to forecast. And we've added a whole lot more...

Great food, great LIVE music, amazing vendors and wonderful unique readers and energy practitioners join us to bring you all an amazing experience "At The Cabin" on Saturday, September 30, 2023 from 10am to 6pm.

Come with an open mind and allow the mystery of NOW to unfold into the most beautiful masterpiece of YOU. This day will behold many spiritual growth provoking experiences.

Whether you have feelings of being unbalanced, unaligned or disconnected from Spirit and/or just have questions and desire guidance to get more clarity for your journey forward, we are here to help to the best of our abilities with modalities that will help bring better understanding and peace of mind and always for the highest good.
Opening Ceremony of Gratitude @10am with The Holy Incantation of Solace led by Marion Freeman
~Clairvoyant, Reiki Master and Sound Healer, Laura Sabados, of Creating Harmony
Her reading sessions include a recording.
Services explore your:
*Soul Purpose
*Past Lives
*Akashic Records
*Communication with Other Spirits
*Blocked Energies
*Relationships / Career / Emotional Patterns / Habits
*Ways to Begin Healing / Next Steps
*Validation from Oracle Cards.
Reading sessions often include one or more forms of Energy Healing:
*Releasing Karmic Ties and/or Energetic Cords
*Energy Clearing
*Chakra Balancing
*Aura Healing
*Crystal Healing
*Holy Fire® III Reiki
*Sound Healing using Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies.
*NOW offering service for PETS (Bring photo of pet)
People often request, “Whatever you see that I need;” however, you are free to choose a reading or healing with just one of the services listed above:
15 min -> $30
30 min -> $55
45 min -> $80
60 min -> $105
~Ancestral Reader, Emperor West MUnk is guided by the ancestors to help bring you answers and better clarity. Ever wonder about past lives or have questions that have gone unanswered? Or maybe you need help to eliminate bad mojo or other negative energy/experiences...
Spirit bath available to purchase.
$30 for 20min
$40 for 30min
~Sunnie of SunnyGlow LLC *Psychic Medium - Sunnie is a highly intuitive Psychic Medium who shares balance, clarity, and unity.
General Reading (ask questions) 15 min. $60
Past Life Reading 10 min. $40
Connect with deceased loved ones 30 min. $150

She will only be available from 3:30 to 6pm
~Tarot with Josh
Intuitive reading with multiple tarot decks.
~Light Language Face Painting by Kari Jones, of Energy Weavers Academy
Wear a gentle energy activation, intuitively channeled and painted by Kari. Pick an intention for an energy you want to be more connected to, like: adventure, harmony, love, curiosity, etc. Or just let the energy choose what is to be channeled into your life. All paints are non-toxic, skin safe, and thoroughly energy woven for aligned Akashic activation. Paint will wash off in the shower or with a gentle soap and warm water.
Prices vary depending on size- approx. $10-$20
Channeling Class- TBA
~Tarot with Ash
Ash offers love, relationship, and personal growth tarot readings.
~Reiki with Melissa Mullen of Honey B Reiki
(Reiki Master-Teacher of Usui/Tibetan style Reiki) will be offering sessions for:
*Deep Root Earthing
*Past Life Regression
*3rd Eye Awakening
*Oracle Reading
$20 for 15 min

*Tea Leaf Reading - 11AM & 4PM (group event) $10 each

**10 minute Reiki sessions offered by Honey B Reiki students. Several healers will be working together to create a healing experience as an offering of love to "At The Cabin" community! Healers will be offering sessions first come first serve for free (love donations appreciated).
(Sign up available for future Reiki 1, 2 and Master course)
~Chakra Tune-up with Marion ~ Be educated about your internal energy (Chakras) and what's going on within you, which ultimately affects your outer Universe. Allow the frequency of sound to vibrate your being to ignite a feeling of balance within and help you remember that you are the most important person you will ever know!
11am & 3pm in the back yard
$10 (includes Chakra Chart)
*Runic Galdor Practitioner, Thorben Hrafn, utilizes the Elder Futhark runic alphabet. The Elder Futhark, also known as the Old Futhark, or Germanic Futhark, is the oldest form of the runic alphabet. It was a writing system used by Norse and Germanic people of the Northwest Germanic dialects during the Migration Period. Inscriptions have been discovered on jewelry, amulets, plateware, tools, and weapons, as well as runestones in Scandinavia, dating from the 2nd to the 10th centuries.
Widely used in religious, historical, medical, and even scientific texts of the time period and the generations that followed, they have revealed hidden wisdom beyond their simple linguistic origins. Thorben has found it possible to connect with his natural intuition, and heightened perception, and also to engage with respective deities, which gives details about natural forces, as well as the past, present, and future.
Rune Spread
Specific Runic Inquiry of The Past, Present, or Future
Lifetime Runic Spread
Shadow Work and Divination
~~Astrology with Sierra Jade
Learn what the planets and stars have to communicate with you, by getting an Astrology Chart Reading with Sierra at Roaring 20s Magick.
Using your birth date, place, and time (if you have it), Sierra can reveal more information than any personality test you may have tried.
Astrology is an ancient language which allows people to introspect. You’ll get information on past life lessons, current life purpose, and every area of your life is represented in your chart.
Most people know their Sun sign but do not know they can go much deeper. Take the deep dive with Sierra as your guide and you won’t regret it. Sierra provides a safe space for you to process and learn without any judgment. Love is the key and learning about self is the best way to grow and transform the way we are called to.
Chart Reading $25
Sierra will only be available until 4pm
Dr. Darryl offers Hypnotherapy for various addictions (to quit smoking, to lose weight or another issue)
$100 1 hour
*additional sessions for therapies may be scheduled for later dates.
*Life Structured Water... available for $20 a gallon (drink 8oz daily to increase hydration at a cellular level)
~Shaman Night Hawk ~ Shares his Shamanic Energy to deliver a helpful message to you. One of four Aztec Shaman in the world of the Aztec Nation. His wife, White Fox and daughter, Wolf will also be present and share their gift of indigenous medicine, including handmade jewelry, dreamcatchers and candles.
Session with Night Hawk $40
~Ollie~ QHHT Practitioner ~will have a table set up sharing information about QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy) and past life regression and be able to schedule a future session, as more time is needed than at the fair.
Sign up sheets for readings will begin at 9:30 AM on day of event.
Cash is preferred, as not all practitioners have access to credit service.
$1.00 fee will be added if using credit at register for a reading.
Enjoy LIVE Music throughout the day. Doc & Doc of Dark Blue Paradox join us again to share their amazing singing talents with a variety of genres for our community. Show them some LOVE! Make sure to check out their cool bus. Bring your friends to see what's going on "At The Cabin".
Music begins from 12-1pm & 2-3pm
Tips are greatly appreciated 
*Homemade kimchi and sauerkraut by Doc's Farmacy, for sale day of fair and in store anytime.
Our vendors will join us with a lot of unique merchandise:
*Norsk Moon Jewelry & More,
*Scarlet's Web (crafts & T-shirts)
*Twin Mama's Sweet Creations (fudge)
*Fawn's Unique Fashions (jewelry)
*White Fox Creations (authentic handmade Native American jewelry)
*WarandPeace Wands
*Lanning Family Farm
*A Stormy Chance (arts & crafts)
*Other artists
*RCGA and VAli Co Genetics will be here with an educational platform.
Door Prizes and Raffles throughout the day at 12pm, 2pm & 4pm
(Must be present to win)
Melissa will be Raffling off a HOME CLEARING (valued at $1000-$1500)

Restore the energy and balance of your home! Home clearings are appropriate for anything from simply creating a better, more positive, peaceful environment to removing negative energies/entities and or spiritual disturbances. A home clearing from Melissa of Honey B Reiki involves two home visits: The first is to assess and establish the desired outcome of the homeowner, receive a Fung Shui consultation and recommendation to assist in creating the desired environment.

The second visit will include the placement and activation of a crystal energy grid as well as when the spiritual clearing and balancing of the property will be done. Entities, energies or spirits will be removed at this time if appropriate. Each visit is roughly 1 hour or more.
Several hours of deep meditation and focus are spent in preparation of this type of spiritual work.
Lunch Bag includes:
Hamburger or Hotdog, all fixings, chips, cookie and drink $7.00
Soda and Water $.50
Popcorn $1.00
Cabin parking lot will be partially coned off for vendors.
Handicap is available near cabin.
Please DO NOT block driveway parking.
Extra parking is available next door at Danville Dental with walkways in between.
Please call or message Marion 434-710-1516 for more info.
We look forward to spending the day with you! 

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